Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)

What Is a Retirement Income Certified Professional?
A retirement allowance venerated professional (RICP) is a financial professional who specializes in retirement allowance planning. Financial professionals earn the RICP designation after in the midst of the program for retirement allowance professionals.

Once attributed, RICPs advise retirees and stuffy-retirees as to the best mannerism to use the assets they have accumulated for retirement to liven up prosperously within a feasible budget and not run out of money forward.
Understanding RICP
The RICP program consists of three courses: retirement pension process, strategies, and solutions; sources of retirement pension; and managing a retirement allowance scheme. The program is intended for financial professionals who already have a expansive-based financial planning credential, such as chartered financial consultant, ascribed financial planner, or chartered cartoon underwriter, or whose businesses already emphasize retirement income planning.

Applicants must have three-lead years of relevant battle experience. Applicants are with required to sealed the three online courses and tally a 100-ask test.
The knowledge required to progression retirement savings and to use that savings to generate a comfortable and lasting income in retirement are two sever entities.

While many financial professionals are experienced in advising and helping individuals to mount going on retirement assets, the increasing number of retirees means there is a large demand for discharge commitment in how to control and use those assets.

At the same become olden, fewer advisers have execution in subjects such as how to determine the following:

When a client is financially prepared to retire
The rate at which retirement savings should be withdrawn
How an individuals asset share should alter during retirement
The best age for an individual to begin claiming Social Security support
How to pay for health care and nursing residence care
Late-in-sparkle tax planning
Retirement housing
RICPs reach specific training to foster clients call off their normal declared of active throughout retirement, quarters income gaps, make an home scheme, and limit risk.